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Petals SA is for men and women who need to enjoy peace and independent living in a safe environment which upholds their personal dignity. We believe that the elderly have been the pillars of the community; they have shaped this country up to what it is today. Tia Walker says it so well:

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours”

It is our obligation as a community to ensure that as the elderly age and face certain challenges, including becoming destitute, we are there to care, support and protect them in every way possible.

Our Story


he vision to start a care home for the elderly from disadvantaged communities and those living with dementia began in 2010 where Christine Coelho (Kate) realised the vulnerability of being homeless and suffering from Dementia and the significant impact it has on the life of an elderly person.
For the next two years, she pursued the purchase of land but nothing eventuated. She then returned to South Africa to make it her home and during that time THE PETALS TRUST was established to ensure the vision could be brought to fruition.

The Petals Trust was registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO: 930049475) in 2014.

In 2015, the Trust decided to buy a home in Riviersonderend, Western Cape, and develop it into a care home for the elderly living with early onset Dementia, advanced Dementia and homelessness due to circumstances beyond their control.

The founder/ trustee had to follow the process of application, approval from the local authority and then carry out extension/renovations to the property. This had to meet South African safety and quality standards and the entire process took just over three years.
In June 2018, PETALS CARE finally opened their doors.

Our Team

The founder member of Petals Care Trust, Christine Coelho, was a Social worker in the United Kingdom before embarking on the journey to help the elderly in South Africa.

She is supported by a dedicated team that includes a full-time cook employed to provide the residents with a nutritionally balanced diet and six staff members who are all trained in Dementia care. This was provided by the founder/trustee who has worked and developed a model of care, called ‘Person-centred Care with Dementia’ (PCCD).


Duties of the staff:

  • To encourage the residents to participate in activities of daily living, such as supporting them in making tea/coffee, preparing vegetables, setting the table for meals, etc. so that they do not forget some of their past attempts at doing such tasks.
  • To monitor the mobility progress that each resident makes during the day and assist in transfers from bed to chair and toilet regimes so that incontinence needs are also met regularly.
  • A nurse is on available on call and at any given time, staff will be able to call on the local medics in an emergency or call for an ambulance.

Your donation is always appreciated

Let us help each other to build a community where our elders live in a peaceful, happy and dignified environment.

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