living at petals care

At Petals Trust, we are dedicated to providing care for:

Confusion related to a Dementia related illness

Persons who are at risk of becoming destitute

Medical condition/s that prevents access to proper personal care

Sensory or physical disability

Living with lack of proper sanitary conditions

Victims of abuse such as physical, psychological, emotional and negligence


Criteria to be met to live at Petals Care

The Petals Care Home shall cater to the needs of the following residents:

• Persons who suffer from confusion related to a Dementia illness but are still mobile or needs assistance with mobility.

• Persons who are at risk of becoming destitute due to family breakdown or other social issues, including victims of alcohol or substance abuse by families taking their government grant/pension which amounts to financial and psychological abuse.

• Medical condition that prevents them from access to proper personal care due to lack of finances to manage a flat/room of their own, which in turn leaves them homeless.

• If sensory or physical disability and living with the lack of proper sanitary conditions or access to the same is not possible due to vision impairment

• Victims of abuse, such as physical psychological, emotional and negligence, if found to be vulnerable due to a lack of resources to move out of the situation to a place of safety.

Services and Facilities

The home can accommodate a maximum of 16 residents.
• It has three individual studio flats with own bathroom
• Three shared bedrooms and two private rooms
• A dedicated art/craft room and music area
• Gardens that surround the property with extensive shrubs, native trees and some indigenous plants and hybrid varieties.

Dementia Illnesses

Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. Memory loss is an example. Here at Petals Care, we cater for these frail individual’s needs.

Music therapy is incorporated into weekly activities to facilitate memory bridging and residents are encouraged to be free and creative and perform in their own language.

Additionally, we assist those who suffer from sensory or physical disabilities and are destitute of families, those who need access to proper personal care or are victims of domestic violence.

Therapies provided at the Care Home

Validation Therapy

Validation Therapy, which incorporates touch, is known to stimulate memory where each resident is given hand massages and are then provided with necessary encouragement to replicate what was just done to them. During this time, the resident feels that there was special attention given to them. Some are known to go into a lucid time with the carer or volunteer and some of their past conversations surface when they had their own homes or felt they had people who lived and loved them and are no longer with them.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is also a creative art form whereby each resident can recall times in the past where they had sung or danced to a particular tune and thereby now can recall some of those precious moments and verbalise their feelings.





Touch Therapy

Touch Therapy produces a tranquillity in their spirit and most residents are known to like the feeling it evokes. This is an indication of memories evoked of happier times in their life with which they can relate to in their lucid moments. In the future, there will be a need to provide more therapeutic input, such as massage and pedicures, that are being planned for each resident on a monthly basis.

An on-call hairdresser and pedicurist are available at any given time during the month.



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