Volunteer Programmes

Social Activities

The in-house social worker is also considering a ‘drop-in day centre’ called the FORGET ME NOT programme which will run on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the needs. This will provide a much-needed break to the carer or family member who is going through the journey with Dementia. The person with Dementia can spend time within Petals Care, its gardens and take part in some of the music and validation therapies that are offered, including to get involved in the arts and crafts and gardening projects if they are so inclined.

There will be a small cost involved to cover the lunch and other incidentals.

Volunteering Contributes

We encourage volunteering and each person who contributes on a weekly basis will be rewarded with lunch as appreciation for their time in making the residents feel loved and involved in their daily activities of living.

Bible Study

Currently, a Bible study takes place every Friday and the community, as well as residents and staff, are aware of their need to participate on a weekly basis.

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